Welcome on our website!

  • Who are we?

We are a french couple, domestic and wild animals lovers, and also photos and videos enthusiasts. These passions have nothing to see with our job because we both work for the ministery of economy.

  • Why this website?

We project a world trip (self-funded by the sold of our house) which should begin at the end of the year 2017.

We want to give meaning to this trip: the idea to work for animal protection took hold. 

Therefore, we will try to help one animal shelter per visited country by doing a report for it.

  • Why animal360?

"animal" is understandable in english, french and spanish language; and 360 is the number of degrees in a complete tour of a circle (like around the Earth for exemple ;) ).

Now, you know everything!

  • As we are also trips lovers, we propose you to discover some "postcards movies" in the tab "Travels Bonus".
  • To contact us: you can send us a mail at contact@animal360.fr

When others are talking about us

  • August 2017: A french TV report talks about our project!
  • A new article presents Animal360 in Ouest-France!
  • We were interviewed by a journalist from Ouest-France, a major French regional newspaper. She was interested in our project. Here's the article!
  • We were interviewed by the president of "Sourires Nomades", the association of which we will be the ambassadors during all our trip. Here is the article!