June 2020

Great news : our short film about Penguin Rescue, the amazing kiwi organization that fights for the conservation of the worl rarest's penguin (https://vimeo.com/318950064 ) is one of the 8 films selected to the french festival "journée du green documentaire #3", a festival dedicated to short documentaries about green and social initiatives. Because of the Covid crisis the festival will be online on the 20th of june at 3pm at www.upgreen.tv


March 2020

The documentary about the dominican association Reef Check is ready to watch here !

October 2019

16th october : back in France ! We ended our world trip : we will continue to make reports and conferences in France, at a lower pace.



We funded the plant of 30 trees in Haïti to neutralize the carbon footprint of our trip in domincan Republic and our trip back in France.


We funded the plant of 308 trees in total from the begining of our trip, in 2017.

We are making a documentary in dominican Republic !

Arrived in Dominican Republic, the last step of our world trip ! We were warmly welcomed by the french school in Santo Domingo, and we saw 22 classes of children, from 4 to 14 years old.





The carbon footprint of our trip in Costa-Rica has been neutralised by funding the plant of 12 trees in bresilian Amazonia.

We didn't make any video in Costa-Rica, but we still enjoyed !

September 2019

We are really happy to announce that the documentary about the peruvian association Taricaya Ecoreserve is on line !

August 2019











Plit and Plout just arrived in Costa Rica !






We funded the plant of 11 trees in Peru to neutralize the carbon footprint due to our trip in Peru (plane and bus).

Filming in progress in the amazonian jungle !

July 2019

A little bit of tourism begore going to the amazonian jungle for our next filming !









Plit is gone ! He took his independance at the terrestrial terminal in Arequipa. Here is the new Plit (6kg).

  • Our new documentary about the association Guyra Paraguay is now available here !










Just arrived in Perou !





The carbon footprint due to our trip in Paraguay (plane, bus, car) has been neutralised by funding the plant of 17 trees in Perou.

Shooting in progress in Paraguay !

We are so glad to announce that the video, pictures and article about the polynesian association Eimeo Animara is now available here !

June 2019






We funded the plant of 30 trees in Peru to neutralise our trip in Polynesia (french Polynesia and easter Island).

Arrived in Easter Island !

Shooting in progress for the association Eimeo Animara in Moorea

May 2019

A little bit of tourism !

Arrived in french Polynesia !







We founded the plant of 3 trees in Perou to neutralise the carbon footprint due to our trip in New-Caledonia.

Our documentary (video, pictures and article) about Green Wave Vanuatu is available here !

April 2019

Our program in New-Caledonia: conferences in schools, itchhiking and discovery of the kanak culture !






Arrived in New-Caledonia !






We just neutralised the carbon footprint due to our trip in Vanuatu : 8 trees in Sumatra !

March 2019

Arrived in Vanuatu Islands (we bet you don't really know where it is) ! To neutralise our carbon footprint from our trip in New-Zealand, we funded the plant of 14 trees in Sumatra.



We had the chance to show our last movie about Penguin Rescue and to talk about animal protection in front of the 1000 students of a college in Auckland. Then we met a few classes and had a grat time sharing our project with them. Thank you Daniel for making this possible !


See the Sancta Maria College link


We were so lucky to see two wild kiwis !

February 2019

Good time in New-Zealand !

The pictures and the movie about Penguin Rescue are available !





We did a visioconference with children from France, it was awesome !

January 2019

New shooting in progress in the association Penguin Rescue !

The movie about the Pademelon Park Wildlife Refuge is available here !

The photos about the Pademelon Park Wildlife Refuge are available here !

Arrived in New-Zealand ! To neutralize our carbon footprint, the association animal360 funded the plant of 17 trees.







Shooting in progress at Pademelon Park Wildlife Refuge





Arrived in Tasmania !

December 2018

We are happy to present you our new video about the wildlife clinic Southern Cross Wildlife Care in Australia!


November 2018




The trailer is done! We work hard to finish the whole documentary as soon as possible.

Our shooting in the association Southern Cross Wildlife Care is done: it was so nice to meet people who save lives!

On the road to our next shooting! So excited!

October 2018

Meeting with locals!

Here is our van for our australian trip: his name is Gogobee!

We arrived to Sydney, Australia, and are hosted by our aussie friend Harry for the first week!

September 2018

We visited a retirement home, some schools and a nursing home to share our traveling adventures and talk about animal welfare. 

August 2018







An article in a french newspaper talks about us!





We visited some residents of a retirement home in France, to share our travel experiences and to talk about animal protection. It was so great!

- That's official: animal360.fr is now an association! You can watch our video of presentation here!

- You can now watch to our new postcard video about Nepal here!

July 2018

Our new documentary about Tuulispää in Finland is ready to watch here!

June 2018

Back to France! We will continue our trip in next october. We are still working for Animal360, so we went in 2 schools to talk about animal protection, it was so nice!

May 2018

We are glad to share with you our new documentary about Stand up for elephants, an association which improves the living conditions of the captive elephants in Nepal.

April 2018





We just finished the shooting in a quiet rescue center for farm animals! Now we have to work on computers!




We make conferences in finnish schools, for children from 7 to 15 years, and we love it! Such a great pleasure to exchange about animal protection with them.









We are in Finland now! Despite of the cold, we are so glad to be here and enjoy the beautiful snowy landscapes!






To neutralize our carbon footprint from our trip in Nepal, we funded the plantation of 15 trees in Indonesia.

March 2018





Plit and Plout are in Nepal!





We neutralized our carbon footprint from our trip in Thailand by funding 3 trees in Marocco.

February 2018


To neutralize our carbon footprint from our trip in Laos, we funded the plant of 4 trees in la Réunion.

To know more about the neutralisation ofthe carbon footprint, you can read our article!







Plit and Plout are now in Thailand!




We are making a documentary in a zoo which is turning into a rescue center, the association Laos Wildlife Rescue Center. Such a hard but exciting work for the team!

January 2018





Screening and meeting with us in the French Institute of Luang Prabang (in Laos) this friday 19/01/2018!

December 2017





We just did a new videoconference with french pupils! We talked about journey, gastronomy...and animals of course!

Novembre 2017




We neutralized the animal 360's carbon footprint in Malaysia by financing the plantation of 13 trees in Indonesia (Sumatra) with Reforest'Action.





We did our first visioconferencing with finnish pupils (12 and 15 years old), it was very great for us! We showed them local fruits and answered their questions.




We neutralized the animal 360's carbon footprint in Sri Lanka by financing the plantation of 17 trees in Indonesia (Sumatra) with Reforest'Action.

October 2017

  • We just finished the intense shooting for the WWCT, a leopards conservation association. We followed scientists through the jungle and in the beautiful Sri Lankan mountains, it was magical!




October 2, 2017

Our world trip of animal protection begins!

First destination: Sri Lanka, duration: one month

  • A french TV report talks about Animal360!
  • We are officially on sabbatical since August 1st: so great!

July 2017