Eimeo Animara, french Polynesia

June 2019


The Eimeo Animara association is composed of a handful of volunteers who struggle to improve the life of domestic animals on the island of Moorea in French Polynesia.

Their mission began with an observation: in Moorea, as in most other Polynesian islands, no shelter exists and many dogs and cats are roaming the island. They are often in poor health, thins, and since they are not sterilized, they reproduce and give birth to unwanted puppies: the vicious circle of suffering is endless.

Every month, in Moorea, dozens of young animals are euthanized because they can not find owners to insure them a decent life.


Fortunately, some brave volunteers are struggling to remedy this situation.


The actions of the association to put an end to this sad situation are various:

- placement of animals in distress in foster families, pending adoption

- neutering: the association neuters stray dogs and cats, up to its means.

- distribution of food on the streets, to foster families and pet owners in economic struggle

- awareness-raising actions in schools against animal abuse


The association also leaves pots in some shops and in the port of Moorea, and organizes various events (lotteries, harvest of pet foods in stores) in order to raise funds to pay for neuterings and food.


How to help this association :

- if you live on site you can become a foster family: all informations are here

- adopt an animal: you save him for good

- sponsor an animal: donate to that particular animal and receive regular news

- give your time to the association: become a volunteer / help organize one-off events / help maintain the Facebook page

- make a donation


Here are the links to the association's website, as well as its Facebook page