Green Wave Vanuatu

April 2019


In Vanuatu, a democratic republic of 285,000 souls located in Melanesia, a handful of motivated launched in 2017 the movement "No Plastik Bag Plis", outraged by the presence of many plastic bags in the environment of the archipelago. The petition was well received, and the government announced a few months later the ban on a few single use plastic items: plastic bag, turret, cup, plate ... The country will even be the first in the world to ban disposable diapers in 2020: a good example of the particularly inspiring political will of this State ranked among the poorest in the world (32nd rank of poverty in 2017, out of 197 countries recognized by the UN). Here, the protection of the environment as a whole is becoming a vital necessity: it is one of the countries most affected by climate change (rising water and amplification of cyclones in particular).


The Green Wave Vanuatu association was created following the success of the petition: its goal is to act for the protection of environment in Vanuatu. It encourages political actions in this direction (prohibition of plastic objects, prohibition of the sale of glyphosate ...), launches petitions, organizes campaigns to collect plastic waste and carries out awareness-raising activities on the subject of protection of environment with a variety of audiences.

After the ban on plastic bags, the association was pleased to see the resumption of local crafts related to the making of woven baskets pandanus leaf, a local tree.


To follow the activity of Green Wave Vanuatu, here is the Facebook page.


To sign the Stop Glyphosate petition, it's here.