Guyra Paraguay

July 2019


Paraguay is experiencing one of the fastest deforestation in the world: since the 1960s, 90% of the forest has disappeared, in favor of a monoculture of soybeans (grown with tons of pesticides), used to feed the cattle of North America, Europe and Asia.

That is why some people have created an association, Guyra Paraguay, which works in partnership with the government.


Founded in 1997, Guyra Paraguay is a paraguayan association that fights for biodiversity and the preservation of the country's natural resources, making it a point of honor to actively involve the population.

Many projects (more than thirty) are carried out head-on :

- purchase of forest in common with tribes to preserve the forest

- studies on wild species present in the country

- promotion of sustainable development with agribusinesses

- conservation of bird populations, including endangered species

- raising awareness among the population, especially in schools

- reducing greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and forest degradation by creating 'conservation areas'

- establishment of a certification program of guides for ornithological tourism


For more information, here is the link to Guyra Paraguay's website.