Le Refuge des Oubliés

France, Brittany, 2021 september

A pony bought for the little one then neglected in a meadow, two donkeys used as mowers in a meadow and finally forgotten, a mare ex-trotter reduced to the state of machine to generate other trotters to exploit, an equestrian centre horse that has become a burden on the coming age: the mistreatment of equidae knows many faces.
Sometimes the result of simple «negligence», these situations lead to real hardship for the animals in question.

Lack of care, hunger, thirst, diseases, wounds, going simple to the slaughterhouse despite a life to serve the human docilely: the protected of the Refuge des Oubliés each have a difficult story to hear for who has a minimum of humanity.
All had in common the chance to cross the path of Cynthia, the founder.
Relentless in her life, she led a professional life (as a horticulturist), a family life (as a mother of two children) and a life at the shelter. To save the maximum number of equidae in situations of absolute distress, and to offer them a second life as individuals and sentient beings, this is what motivates Cynthia.
Having herself received little love in her childhood, she takes the opposite side of fate and decides to give love to these forgotten equidae who no longer seem to have any place in the world of humans.
She formalized her rescues by founding the association in 2014. Initially located in the Southwest, the refuge becomes too small to accommodate all equidae in distress. Never mind, the family, ready to cut back on their personal comfort, moved to Brittany in 2019 in the village of Langonnet, on the border between Morbihan and Finistère, to be able to accommodate the maximum number of animals.


Now home to about forty residents, the shelter is equipped with beautiful spaces to ensure their comfort. To see them graze peacefully, an uninformed visitor could not imagine the dark past of donkeys, ponies and horses, apart from some stigmata like a dazzled eye or some scars.
Cynthia ensures their daily well-being, which is punctuated by feeding and care, and sometimes outdoor visits for a reported equine.
Fortunately, she can count on her husband, Julien, who provides her with much-needed help in the shadows. Aurélien, in assisted contract, also provides valuable work, which can be completed by volunteers.
When a formerly abused animal can no longer be approached, Cynthia knows how to take the time to restore her confidence. Even if it takes months of effort.
The end-of-life management of the residents is also part of the essence of the association: the emotional lift that the animal protection structures experience also has its place at the Refuge des Oubliés. At all costs, Cynthia keeps the promise made to each protégé: to accompany him to his last breath.

How can we help the shelter?
Several options depending on your availability and possibilities:
- Make a one-time donation (deductible at 66%)
- Become a member for €20 per year
- Sponsor a protégé for €15 per month, and thus participate in veterinary and food expenses. It will also be possible to spend time with him and have regular news.
- Becoming a volunteer: all good wishes are welcome, even if you know nothing about equidae, the ideal being to have two to three hours a week.
- Becoming an adoptive family: some protected persons may be welcomed outside the shelter, leaving room for new animals in distress. The reception criteria are strict to ensure the welfare of the animals.


Here is the Facebook Page and the website (in french).