PAWS from Bangkok


Like major cities in the world, Bangkok, capital of Thaïlande (which has 15 millions of bipedal habitants) has many stray cats. Faced with distress of some of them, PAWS (Pet Animal Welfare Society) was created in june 2012, in order to help them and save lives.


Created by former SCAD volunteers, PAWS is an association in Bangkok  which provides spay/neuter and veterinary health services for stray or community animals, adoption programs as well as responsible pet ownership education in Bangkok.

Its mission is to provide:
- Spay & Neuter services
- Rabies vaccination
- No-cost and Low-cost animal nursing care
- Community Education


It’s an active association which organizes awareness campaigns for animal owners, especially in schools. It also organizes sales of jewelry at the Bangkok Farmers Market and other fund raising campaigns. Finally, the association welcomes volunteers who want to lend a hand for the cause.




We were lucky to meet Amy Baron, who takes the lead of the association, and some volunteers who shared their love of animals. We visited the shelter in Bangkok, where we met many cats, and saw neuterings. We also accompanied two volunteers at a stand for sales and sensitization at the Bangkok Farmers Market.


During this report, we discovered two special features of cats in Bangkok : they are very sociable with humans and between them, and some of them have a very short tail, which can be straight or wrapped !


Once again, we noticed the incredible willingness of animal lovers who don’t count their time and energy to devote to a cause in which they believe. And it’s very inspiring !


To get more informations, you can visit their Facebook page: link Facebook page



PAWS Bangkok is integraly funded by donations. It constantly needs money to buy vaccines, treatments, equipements..  If you want to support it, click on the link below : donations for PAWS