Rescue House Luang Prabang


January 2018


We were in Luang Prabang, the previous capital of Laos, when we saw a dog and several cats in a really bad condition. Determined to seek help, we found the new association Rescue House Luang Prabang founded by Laura, a young Swiss.

Laura, who has been living in Laos for about two years, loves dogs and cats and wanted to help the wounded and endangered ones.

With already several rescues to her credit, Laura did not hesitate to help the dog and cats we saw. Koun, the bitch who had a tumor, had been taking cared for by a veterinary clinic in Vientiane, while cats are under close surveillance.

For each rescue, Laura has to raise the necessary funds in order to perform the cares, then the identification, neutering and vaccination of the animals.


If you want to learn more about Rescue House Luang Prabang and help Laura, here is the link to the Facebook page.